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    KSI, playing COD4, hanging out with my friends and fixing computers/ junk. I'm also an editor and vidoegrapher. I attend the University of Memphis as a computer engineering student.

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  1. Ragnaroks 7

    To shave it or save it

    I shave my beard like every couple of months and every time I do, I feel like **** and instantly regret it. KEEP IT!
  2. Wish i could chill in the sb, lol!

  3. Plz DON'T send JT any pm"s about me getting red. DONT

    1. Shido 7

      Shido 7

      however, about ME, is a different story <3 lol,

  4. -Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank- 31 for you, Boo <3

  5. I hope that you had an awesome birthday. :)

  6. And I quote Erbs, "bloody red rags."

    Grats comrade.

  7. Congrats on Red Sexy and Happy Bday

  8. I wonder if JT is gonna get me a bday gift?

  9. Happy birthday duuuuuuuuuude trololo