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  1. ♥Dragonair♥™


  2. i mean techincally im still in it, it was fun you meet alot of girls really fast and really talented girls. I still play with them alot but our leader had her baby early so its kind of in disarray.

  3. Yes and no? What do you mean?

    How was being on xbl dream girls?

  4. Yeahhh. I was the original frosty :]

  5. You stole my name. A longgg time ago. Meanie

  6. I'll be eligible for my associates after next spring and then transfer for my bachelors.

  7. Awwww :(

    Almost done with school?

    I graduate this year ;)

  8. Doin good, just working and school

    Nope havent heard from him at all

  9. I still game just not as much, how are you and have you herd from kaos

  10. Yeah I know what you mean lol

    Hows life treating you?

  11. Hey mister ;)

    Ivlike to make my yearly appearing act