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  1. This isn't the Jasmine from my day, couldn't be????

    1. Mizz Airy

      Mizz Airy

      The very same! xD How are you, Matt???

  2. Yes, you do know me. :P

  3. Chatter? i think i know what you're talking about and yes, i was. only for a month or so about a year ago. I think i popped over there recently because i didn't know which KSI was which. But i figured it out :)

  4. you were over on chatter for awhile werent you

  5. I'll be eligible for my associates after next spring and then transfer for my bachelors.

  6. Awwww :(

    Almost done with school?

    I graduate this year ;)

  7. Doin good, just working and school

    Nope havent heard from him at all

  8. I still game just not as much, how are you and have you herd from kaos

  9. Yeah I know what you mean lol

    Hows life treating you?

  10. Hey mister ;)

    Ivlike to make my yearly appearing act