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  1. KSI JuRgEn Se7n


    Awesome pic
  2. Foot Halo maybe? xD And what's with your status?

  3. yeah...

    I really cant play it i suck at boom boom rocket on the xbox

    how n the hell will i ever play GH


    Im only good at DDR and thats it... cause its with my feet haha

    my hands are retarded at games


  4. I'd be happy to teach you how it's done, should you find the funds. :)

  5. Thats cool.

    I dnt have Guitar Hero lol Ive only played it never XD

  6. eah, i've played halo. Not too good at it, but i've played it.

  7. haha thats soo random lol

    have u played halo3?

  8. To be honest, Guitar Hero. That's a drug to me lol

  9. what game do you play the most?

  10. lol It's up to you. That's gonna take a long time though

  11. ahhh

    i wanna be the longest pvt ever


    case then id have to go buy more stuff for my xbox to change my name lol

  12. if you get your KSI tag, that's an automatic rank up to Sergeant. Once you're back of course. :)

  13. L-M-A-O



    yeah nvm lol

    Ill stay what i am lol