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  1. hey sorry that i havent seen you guys in a while. I am just in this rock band kick right now. I LOVE MUSIC! rock on! I will try and get on tonight to play with you guys. You really gotta listen to this song that i am listening to right now. "New kid in school" by The Donnas

  2. Hey man.. sup?? Just couldn't do the things wanted of me anymore.. like give ideas.. since they stopped listening to them! LOL.. what division/squad you in?

  3. Swanka, long time no see. Dude I'm surprised you left H20, oh well. Nice to see you.

  4. swanka... make sure gunnerpronto gets into cartel. he's another H2O joining.

  5. Always with the gay jokes...lol


  6. i put a picture up of me finally. lets just say i was having a good time. i pretty much terrified that kid in the picture. good times are always guaranteed when i enjoy tasty beverages.

  7. LOL.. its a Backwood.. good eye.. I smoke the good ones sometimes.. but I just like a few too many too often to always smoke those.

  8. was your picture taken when you were in high school? That looks like either a swisher sweet without the plastic tip or good old homerollled country punch cigars? etiher way, you gotta invest in some better cigars.

  9. I fingered out how to leave comments..... I am use to the "Other" site (PMS) where you just leave one in the middle of there profile. LOL anyways!, THank you for the help into KSI. You are AWESOME.... (Mind of Mencia) LOL nevermind if you don't get it.

  10. Guess who won the lottery today? One guess. ME

  11. hey saint! Thanks for signing up!

  12. Invader! My little "bro" whats up?

  13. Sup PAPPY- Lottery winner already.. WTH.. Glad your here bro, missed playing with ya.