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  1. Hey man.. sup?? Just couldn't do the things wanted of me anymore.. like give ideas.. since they stopped listening to them! LOL.. what division/squad you in?

  2. LOL.. its a Backwood.. good eye.. I smoke the good ones sometimes.. but I just like a few too many too often to always smoke those.

  3. Guess who won the lottery today? One guess. ME

  4. hey saint! Thanks for signing up!

  5. Invader! My little "bro" whats up?

  6. Sup PAPPY- Lottery winner already.. WTH.. Glad your here bro, missed playing with ya.

  7. About time.. now the circle is complete.. or something... wait.. "what are you gay??"

  8. Good that you are here Brass!

  9. Great that you are here bro!

  10. Thanks for coming over bro!

  11. glad you're with me bro.

  12. Phil! Glad you're here man.