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  1. Add my KSI tag; KSI Fate 7

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    2. Gaia


      Stryker's a squeaker, don't do it ;)

    3. Wes


      That is a lie. I'm 18. >.<

    4. xoDestiny
  2. and a jerk---believe me. I am.

  3. Exhausted, but not too exhausted to go clubbin'!

  4. I need to stop having such an open heart.

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    2. Gaia


      That could be a bad thing. .

    3. xoDestiny


      Not at all---don't put your heart out there completely because you will get screwed.

    4. Mike Sanders
  5. I am beyond ready to finish my sleeve on my left arrm, gage my ears to a 4, and get my shaded, black tattoo!

    1. Gaia


      Minus the gauged ears. . .

  6. Got big X's on my hands--won't come off. Dang permanent markers and bars.

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    2. xoDestiny


      Bleach will kill my hands! Sensitive skin! Haha.

    3. Gaia


      Awww, scrub really hard and a lot of times than.

    4. xoDestiny


      I finally got them off. :)

  7. Thanks, I am working on a full sleeve. I have some on my forearm.

  8. A boy wants my hello kitty sleeve? whaa?

  9. Haha, I cannot help it!