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  1. I saw your post in my "intro" topic back in 2016. I just wanted to say that means alot man. Hate I didnt see it before this. Hope you are doing good brother

    Hope to link up soon

  2. PM me if you play league of legends, im looking for more people to play with

  3. #LizardSquad successfully performed a massive DDoS against Xbox Live members. Threatens that this was just a taste of whats to come in mention of even bigger hit on Christmas.. http://www.polygon.com/2014/12/1/7317975/xbox-live-offline-hacking-group-lizard-squad

  4. She said Yes!! So excited to be getting married to the most amazing woman I have ever known!

    1. Crusader 7

      Crusader 7

      congratz man =)


  5. Waiting for MOTM topics in AAP for november

  6. "warfare is like a family to me." best thing a member of mine could ever say

  7. do you have any specifics as to my sb ban? tried to pm you but your mailbox is full ha

    1. Mizz Airy

      Mizz Airy

      Oh sry, I emptied it out. No, I wasn't sure why you were banned. :/

  8. Colostitute... google it. Thank me later

  9. its odd when you know something will help the community because youve seen how important and helpful it was in the past, but people step out of their own false speculation to even try it for a little while. #thisiswhywearehere

  10. Blast from the past, real happy I was able to link up with my good friend KSI DEVROK2

  11. A leader seeks happiness not through his or her own accomplishments but through making the goals and aspirations of those under him/her a reality. Make your only priority be the success and happiness of those who rely on you.. and then watch the seed grow

    1. KSI HoodRich

      KSI HoodRich

      Word, certainly can dig and relate to this. Much respect

  12. Kristen Renton drives me wild!!! :P

  13. Make a signature request today!

  14. where can i find a list of banners that needs to be done for the forums?

    1. Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Just look around lol, since there isn't a fully functioning GFX Team currently. Posts for GFX has been poping up in the General Forums or Divisional Forums. Or people will message others that do GFX for requests like me :D