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    well i love to game i skate and paintball my number is 9374602829

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  1. Been busy as hell man. Work is draining me and most of my other time is consumed by music or general life stuff that doesn't need to be mentioned.

  2. spider whats up ******

  3. waiting on my xbox to be sent back to me

  4. waiting on my xbox to be sent back to me

  5. just so you know i need no director we have been through this gold ranger is running things seeing how i have rrod again

  6. Kenpachi is pretty badass.

  7. thanks tex and i like the sigs rukia is cool but kenpachi is a beast =p

  8. Happy Birthday, Flakes! :)

  9. KSI Flakes

    KSI Flakes

  10. Se7en that link to obama isnt working

  11. it is an epic win lol

  12. That hair screams win. Epic win.

  13. No, I do a few odd jobs here and there, looking at jobs over in the Columbus area right now.

  14. frosty i hope you know there isnt a g in Dratini lol

  15. well my work is picking up next month i'm a private contractor now ha ha and you still at wal-mart