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  1. H3KTYK! How's it hanging?

  2. still have the same gt, but I've been playing with this one: fendershep since I don't have live yet. Miss ya!!!!!! We had such good times O.o

  3. Tiger!!!!!!!! whats your new GT? Miss ya! Get at me some time you ghost!

  4. lol iTz Repear not all tigers are 11 with that awesome nickname :P stop being jealous and grow up.

  5. I thought I was the only Tiger?!

  6. hey wats up. im from RECON SR, im just tryin to get to know everyone from every squad in SR.

  7. Sup Tiger!! Where did you go?

  8. come to warfare sr it would be a honor to take you. i hear alot of good stuff about you.

  9. Hey, if you're interested, we'd gladly take you into Xero Degrees (XD). Six is currently our Director so I'm sure you wouldn't feel too outta place. If you're interested lemme know and I'll get you set up. ^_^

  10. I been good, Just bein 602.