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  1. Your about me is pretty interesting dude! what are you up to nowadays?

  2. Auto correct Selim to Selina lolllll

  3. Yo Selina, you remember me ? xD

  4. I can't find you using your Discord name you have on here!! 


  5. Where you been sweetcheeks! <3

  6. I saw your post in my "intro" topic back in 2016. I just wanted to say that means alot man. Hate I didnt see it before this. Hope you are doing good brother

    Hope to link up soon

  7. Back in my home SR FTW!!

  8. Back in my home SR FTW!!

  9. Back in my home SR FTW!!

  10. What is going on been a real long time.

  11. H3KTYK! How's it hanging?

  12. of course i'm reppin Canada lol

  13. repping Canada eh? .. lolz