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  1. -NOW- you've been mentioned. Take a look.

  2. I just saw you mentioned meeting some of "the best people" here.... that's the mentioning me :) lol :P

  3. I agree with Noob, how about we don't clicking your ****ing links

  4. Sensing some hate around here

  5. Hey Aznbebe! glad to see you joined up

  6. that's ok. I have exams looming ahead of me so I'll be in the same boat soon

  7. do to resent events i probly wont be on exespt for weekends bass

  8. ok weird lol check out our B-days...... that's funny!

  9. Dude, that 'Bhathal' chick; you should get her a pint of ice cream and have her rub it all over those tits of hers.


  10. still waiting on that tub of butter pecan ice cream ;) lol

  11. <-- lolz I barely remember way back when I was KSI zXSkaymanXz! and it was zX not zZ lol

  12. lol Sweet where have you been? You're on live all the time and I see you pop onto KSIgamer occasionally but no forum use? lol ttyl

  13. i miss our rice man (tear) we're never online at the same times (sad face)

  14. Teh only pr0nz i'm interesed in, are the ones featuring you and a pint of butter pecan ice cream. Rick Astley will provide the scene music, "Never gonna give you up".

    Man, I'm drunk like a motha****a right nowwwww