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  1. Everybodys doin the fish

  2. Gaia

    Ewww, you changed your name and to CAPS.

  3. You both are conceited. But I love you two too.

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    2. KSI QueenJess 7

      KSI QueenJess 7

      <3 you too Chiefy!!

    3. CHIEF


      "two too" sounded better in that situation, Gaia. And I already used "both", had to switch it up.

    4. Shido 7

      Shido 7

      CHIEF! Congrats..Like a bawss

  4. Why not say hello?

    HELLO. Jerks, every last one of you who didn't before me.

  5. CHIEF


    Fantastic work there, Pika.
  6. CHIEF


    ya know...i think i might look pretty good in that...mind if i took a test drive real quick?
  7. CHIEF

    I swear its my car!

    no its not your car...jeez, liar...lol
  8. CHIEF

    my mic broke

    i think 5...maybe more, he almost broke his phone today too...lol