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  1. SIK THY 7

    SIK THY 7

    Hey. I was waiting on a response to see if I was banned forever or if I could ever come back. Not one person responded.
  2. SIK THY 7


  3. SIK THY 7

    Where my OG's at

    I am not in KSI anymore, but I am on Discord. SIK THY 7 #7777
  4. SIK THY 7

    SIK THY 7

    I am trying to see if I am banned forever? I have not had anyone contact me about the situation. I have found out what it is about and I have been waiting to discuss it with Airy. SIK THY 7 #7777 is my discord.
  5. SIK THY 7

    Meet Your 2019 Web Leaders

    You have a real talent for writing and you capture the events with great detail. I am proud to be in a community with members such as yourself. Keep up the good work and put a mark in history for the dedicated members working their way up the ladder.
  6. SIK THY 7

    Where my OG's at

    I created Hostile Boundaries. I was KSI DH THYMINE at the time. I was in KSI from 2006 until 2010.
  7. hey baby, remember me? LLOLZZZZ

  8. thanks my friend:P I am trying and I want to be a higher leader. its just gonna take some time

  9. Co-founders

    KSI Killtac- Mafia and Outlaw

    ?KSI ManualMist- Exiled and Shogun

    KSI Deathlock- Thymine and Last Stand

  10. lol your buddy was banned lol

  11. yo, friends list was full. so if u wanna delete someone or if ya got another tag or something. just hit me back.