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  1. Come get some ..AIM: Sinisterministr6, Yahoo IM: [email protected], Email: [email protected]

  2. Come get some ..AIM: Sinisterministr6, Yahoo IM: [email protected], Email: [email protected]

  3. *runs his tongue down her stomach.* Mmmmm..

  4. Thanks for the happy birthday.


  5. Dude, you disappeared. Where'd you go?

  6. skip skip skip hip hop hop

  7. just like my UNDEAD ARMY WILL NEVER DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. well i never got one. my sis might of ****ed with it. but its all good now :) you have not been on yahoo or anything so i thought you got mad at me or something. im sorry i was inda *****y :) will you please forgive me

  9. Whiskeyrebel in the HOUSE! Haha, whats up man!

  10. I'm wondering the same for you. I left requests up to rejoin your friends list on XBL but they weren't accepted. Then again, I might've caught you at a bad time. Any which way, I didn't intentionally erase ANYONE from my msn or XBL.

  11. -NOW- you've been mentioned. Take a look.