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  1. thanks for the friend request

  2. lol im so spacie got alot going on um...no i do all this off my G1 phone dont have a computer when I have my phone :)can i just send it in a message when I find something I would like?

  3. ya i have you on msn lol do you use some other kind of chat thinger more?

  4. oh sweet wait I only have msn on my phone lol i do everything off of it and do I have your msn?

  5. i have no life so im always able :D just let me know what you want on msn and ill do it for you.

  6. heyI wanted to know if you could make me and avatar if your not to busy :)

  7. yea it gets really confusing

  8. ya theres alot to figure out on here im pretty new myself :D

  9. no problem i am fairly new to this and i just saw you could add friends lol

  10. hey Christal can you make a banner for me. We're gonna give it out to the guys that help fatal divinity. I want the main text to Say (Proud Supporter of KSI Fatal Divinity).

  11. hey pretty lady number 2 :D