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  1. Dont Trip Potato Chip!!! Shadow Haven FTW!!

  2. Thats Cool man. Hope things go good for you Here.

  3. Yes I was why whats up.

  4. General over TORMENT!! Lets do this!!! =)

  5. Leadership is action, not position.

  6. Mondays!!! Gota Love them!!

    1. Competetor


      Everyday is a Friday on SUmmer Break


  7. Getting ready to speak to over 200 young adults Sunday night. Wish me luck!!

  8. Respect : Give it, Earn it, Live it.

  9. Have a Blessed Day KSI. =)

  10. Yahooooo I got my account back!!! Thanks Guys.

    1. Wes


      Welcome back.

    2. Badfur


      Welcome back, mon.

  11. Cant wait to get HOME!!

  12. Cant wait to get HOME!!

  13. Welcome to the Forums!!

  14. Stop crying I put back to plus!!! LOL

  15. Sorry Bro. I responded back. You cant receive pm too.why

  16. Check out the HX Division thats where you will find everyone!!!

  17. How is everything going for you in KSI.

  18. Hey, Sorry I removed you from my friends List because I needed room.LOL Sorry. When you get a 360 add me again ok. Hurry up we need you.