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  1. Still waiting on my waiver dude. And I'm back on xbl.

  2. I will definitely play with you at some point but lately I've been playin 1v100

  3. Yeah MSN is great. I played Halo the other day. I kinda missed it.

  4. Lol my msn is up so it told me I had an email and I checked it. I'm doing alright. Thinking about playing some MW2

  5. I agree KSI Morgan 7 is a good name. Wonder who came up with it?

  6. You said to leave a comment, so...hello.

  7. What monkey is your friend?

  8. GIGGITY!!! Wake up sleepyhead. Exciting enough for you??

  9. Castle Crashers was fun. Thanks for the swords!

  10. Change your squad info on your profile...you ain't in BLAZ1NG no more!

  11. Yes I am. Is that a problem?