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  1. When my xbox if fixed hopefully.

  2. just a question when do u plan on coming back from vacation?

  3. lol how crazy was that party! lmao evryone passed out! .. lol

  4. To answer the questions if anyone ever links this profile again. User was banned for Mass-Plagiarism on the News Team.

  5. It was great Grant! Keep up the hard work. We appreciate it! n.n;;

  6. did you like my news for halo 3 and COD? if not let me know. thnaks.

  7. welcome 2 KSI and the Forums.

  8. my post count is 1,444, and my goal is to catch volcom of getting 12 post a day, I only got 7 post a day. :(

  9. you in firestorm division?

  10. Omg you're older than me by a day

  11. Welcome to the News Team, new media consultant/editor!