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  1. Skarface, haha you denied my friend request on XBL. :'[

    - Battosai

  2. we discussed about some issues thats going on in KSI and slayer along with other higher ups came to our last meeting

  3. u dun luv mE enuff I only gots a quatro star ratin on mes account homes.

  4. I thought you knew...Xbox and my home PC have been taken away untill after all my AP tests are over with. My last test is Thursday so I'll most likely be able to make Saturdays Meeting. What did we discuss?

  5. why werent u at the meeting saturday?

  6. watch your tone mister

    over here on these forums we say bishes

  7. what Lame-O gave you a low rating.

  8. I dont even bother with hard,I can tell itll be hard.

  9. I play it at my cousins house every other day its really fun.

  10. same nothing and you going to be on for pratice