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  1. Skarface, haha you denied my friend request on XBL. :'[

    - Battosai

  2. I thought you knew...Xbox and my home PC have been taken away untill after all my AP tests are over with. My last test is Thursday so I'll most likely be able to make Saturdays Meeting. What did we discuss?

  3. Por Favor my ex-squad mate. :P.

  4. "Lethal Lag", I like it.

    Lethal Lag in better terms translates to WALMART CONNECTION!

  5. I was dominating the whole game!....other than the random deaths out of no where. Lol. I would just like be walking then...Respawn. FTW????

  6. I know. Your sister was too. LOL. Jk it was crazy lag especially in the game on Valhalla.

  7. Today at hallmark a card read "They say a chipmunk is only as good as you... because you're the best one around!"

    Wassup Mach?

    P.S. For some reason it played the thong song when I opened it. :P

  8. I can honestly say I have no f***ing clue what you said. Lawllawllawl.

    I <3 you and your connection XD.

    - Battosai (Eli)

  9. Why did ou get banned?