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    While I have a wide list of intersts so I am not going to go in great detail. But to name a few first and foremost Xbox 360, Xbox 360, competitve riding (dressage/show jumping),cars especially 1957 GMC trucks, cats, music, camping,, photography, astrology, archeology, meeting new people, culinary arts.
  1. So AK inform me that YOU ran Spartan before me! hmmmm im interested to see how things have changed since you left SR. we gotta talk

  2. don't ever send me this again

  3. not much just chillin and workin at recruiting at the same time

  4. oh yeah if u know of anyone that can make me a sweet COD 5 sig I would like 2 know. I also want one like the one you have that is just your name. I also want to run a respected players listg on my page. i am not 2 computer savy so I need some help.

  5. Hey there AK I need to know how I can get access to Cartel as well I have Spartan but i need Cartel so that I can get all the info possible to update our status and be able to communicate to them as they transfer over.

  6. I don't think you should be demoted. Don't talk like that... I am just a go getting.... by the way... never play CVS... we won and now they say we cheated and won't accept our win.

  7. while if I knew what I am supposed to do and what all the rules r I think I would better understand what is going on plus trackstar helped with tryouts and I lost my notebook with the results of the team members that made it so I am totally lost I tried to get a hold of him but to no avail. Honestly I think I should be demoted for this lack of effort. I don't feel that I have all the necessa

  8. what is the hold up on getting your team together?

  9. thanks for the welcome! everyone over here at ksi has been nothing but ridiculously kind.