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    My interest include God, Basketball, Football, Girls, KSI.

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  1. Helping out with whatever needs to be helped with

  2. Helping out with whatever needs to be helped with

  3. Hey H3KTYK, how's it going bro!

  4. Hey man, its good to see you here man! I am glad you found the time to make a forums account. Message me if you need anything.

  5. Thanks allot man, cool Gohan signature by the way.

  6. Lost hope you get your connection back soon. We all miss you man!

  7. Im the first to comment yippy. Congrats on general Anarchy make us proud.

  8. Yo wats up fredo, your doing great man! Dont worry your squad will be restored.

  9. Coletrain, i hope you can get out that old hospital room and be back at your home. Get well Coletrain!

  10. wats up virus member me KSI ScoutSniper?? i made the avatar from blue to red for you.

  11. Whats up Virus? Hope all is well in UV with you and Wyatt, keep up the good work and tell the others in UV the privates and up good job and have fun playing games and kicking back!