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  1. KSI iToXiiCi


  2. KSI iToXiiCi


  3. I need you to send out a mass msg on defcon squad tagg stressing the forums with thr website address and have them send me a msg if help is needed getting set up on the forums. Thanks Venom

  4. I just know good music when I hear it. ;)

  5. I think im in love lol ;)

  6. It does. Attack Attack. The Devil Wears Prada. Escape The Fate. I Set my Friends On Fire. Deadmau5

  7. Good choice inlile green day three doors down bullet for my Valentine saving Abel adtr lisr goes on and on ;p

  8. i would be listening to Green Day on my ipod. silly shuffle

  9. Haha yeah the sun is up here and im still on my level ;) i had a good night.

  10. Its my night but i think the sun rises soon. I was out, not much partying as i thought so tomorrow night is suppose to be good... or tonight..?

  11. Wellni havent went to sleep yet but thenmorning is going smooth hbu

  12. True. Did you have a good night?

  13. What is going on been a real long time.

  14. Well you was right but now its going down for ppl to have a great night ;)