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  1. people need to learn to read >_<

  2. REG echo? Uhh prolly not. I've never been known as REG echo unless you meant something else.

  3. Omg. is this echo? theeeee REG echo?

  4. Lol good to hear. See you next year!

    BTW-Thanks for the compliment on my sigs.

  5. nice siggys by the way

  6. wow you have no clue how NewYears is gonna be


  7. Aww I'm sorry. I under stand why your the female Grinch now lol. Well cine you Christmas's suck I hope you hae a happy new year.

  8. why should i like xmas

    when my family just makes me slave over kocking food

    and never gives me anything in return

  9. Whaaat? 0_o hates Christmas? Sounds like somebody does not have any holiday cheer. Why do you hate Christmas so much o lady Grinch?

  10. nah pika hates xmas and always has ^-^

    im the femal GRINCH!



  11. Much better? Was something wrong T_T

    Yes, my Christmas was good. Hope yours was awesome as well.

  12. im much much better =]

    hope our holidays were AWESOME!

  13. I'm doing good. How are you?