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  1. I don't know why you left me a comment when you know I'm out of KSI. You're lucky I check my e-mail.

  2. I noticed you have a bazillion more pictures of yourself. =\

  3. ...So, I guess, all the comments you feel you need to put on my page have to be negative, now. Awesome.

  4. Nine

    Good luck finding a division that best suits your competitive needs. :)

  5. They're like electronic/hip-hop.. but, it's a good mix of the two.

    Listen to Chokechain, Saydem Up, and Richman to start off.

  6. it's a neverending cycle..

  7. You need to listen to 3OH!3.

  8. you keep looking at my profile which makes me look at your profile which makes you look at mine.. and so on and so forth.

  9. You. are. a. camera. *****.

  10. Nine

    Yeesh, sorry about not hitting you up when I got back last night. I forget what I got caught up in. I was in a private chat fer a minute then left, accidentally selected video chat instead of party chat and hauled butt out the house. I came back to the typical, "who u vid chattin wit?" messages. =\

  11. You should watch a movie with me sometime...

  12. Apparently, I was co/fo but, they made Magnolia xX step down and now that kid leaving because he threw a temper tantrum. I made the suggestion that either we all (like co/fo and below, i.e. lead by example) get active on the forums or start recruiting, and if that can't be done, that individual can be replaced. He flipped the **** out.

  13. Well, I totally caught you so, what do you have to say for yourself?

  14. You always look at my page but, you never say anything! Leave a moment or somethin', damn. ;)

  15. My gamerscore is higher than yours, now. ;)

  16. PLEASE. I totally need a break and want to sing my little heart out, hahaha. I never though getting promoted to Founder would be so crazy.

  17. you come by my pageee~so, you might as well leave a comment.

  18. You are! I hope you get your butt checked in mil school and then you'll be an upstanding citizen. =P

  19. why are you going to mil school?! did you get in trouble? ARE YOU A BAD KID?!

  20. Wow, that is sh!t-tastic. Are you there for the summer or something?

  21. Damn, that's not cool. Glad not only do my parents live on opposite sides of town, they both have internet, hahaha.

  22. Where the crap were you for two weeks anyways?

  23. Munsinnnnnnn.. sorry, I deleted you. I'm running out of room on my friends list.. like really bad. You can add me on my other tag, though! It's Nine CNX.

  24. Nine

    Hmm.. I'll convince a nub to be Eight. Or maybe it should be reserved for awesomeness only.

  25. Where the crap have you been?!