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  1. I know u don't use this profile or anything or no 1 will most likely c this answer 2 ur question at the top of the page i felt betrayed think if u build a division from the ground up 2 i think was like 400 and something you would like to be 2nd command or at least given more respect.

  2. Just judging from your profile, you seem to be quite the penismonger.

  3. As Erbs said.

    Erbs says (10:57 PM):

    lmao u have more power when your banned than regular members

    Erbs says (10:57 PM):

    thats not cool

  4. lol you got banned

  5. KSI Redtide

    Sharon and Me 8th period

    Theres no way you meet the age limit
  6. What do you mean "this kid wants to test me"

  7. can i join ur division?