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  1. Dude I think that I am being recruited in Firestorm. Im sure, but i mean if i knew that you guys joined I would have suggested to join urs.

  2. wats up man how u been r u joining ksi? if so wat squad we run our own waw squad called cartel synthetic reality hit us up your more then welcomed to come over swanka is the general im the major basically leader n co leader ttyl

  3. Holy Balls. Godfather? Dude its Gunar, err I mean H2O Gunner. Its nice to see that you left H2o, but I will always remember Omicron.

  4. KSI Godfather

    fam n me

  5. get with swanka and figure out a day and tiem to hold meetings once a week and let me know.

  6. im always on just gotta catch me not in a full party, but im glad all you came over!

  7. yo ur ****in gay wat was that message bout

  8. jmoney wats up man thanks for the interveiw i look forward to gettin to know u

  9. thats just how we get down time to show our talent make a name for ourselves

  10. time to get it in real live team zeta on the come up

  11. Thanks for coming over bro!