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  1. so much for you being a team player..

  2. So, the matches went well, except that they accused you of wearing martydom, were you?

  3. hi there, Aime, you did well in the game match yesterday! You are always a team player and I love that about you.

  4. hi there,you did well in the game match yesterday on the last two games... I want to see you protecting those flags (i.e. first game)... sorry if I was yelling in that match but I just couldn't understand how we weren't working as a team.

  5. hi there, GBallz, you did well in the game match yesterday!

  6. I don't think you should be demoted. Don't talk like that... I am just a go getting.... by the way... never play CVS... we won and now they say we cheated and won't accept our win.

  7. yes, i am using mozilla.

  8. what is the hold up on getting your team together?

  9. you did well at practice today

  10. Oh yeah, I agree about the site being really confusing. I can rarely find anything and have to search through hundreds of posts. Not organized very well.

  11. What is wrong with scrap booking... what is your favorite movie?

  12. yes, I am into scrapbooking....I have 8 completed scrapbooks for my family!

  13. i see you made it to the major leagues

  14. i like what u said about ranking up

  15. What part of Georgia do you live in, I lived in Thomasville and Kingsland for a while.

  16. Why is your application on your page? Weird. Welcome to the forums, the more you use them, the less they are confusing.