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    OH my, I have a lot of interest. The television series Angel, Wicca, Tarot, Divination, Nature, Books, MUSIC, Movies, MUSIC, Video Games, MUSIC, I have a lot more interest can't think of anything else right now.

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  1. hey just seen you came to my page so i was doing the same back

  2. hmm YAY! i get a cookie...but wait,what kind? lol

  3. nothing just playin COD4 wit the recon crew. im tryin to get to know everyone in the SR divison lol n plus u said if i visit ur pro leave a comment lol

  4. Fail!!! You stop by my account leave a damn messsage aka comment.

  5. I saw that in one of your post! Thank you

  6. yea i agree with skarface its too long i dont wna sit there nd stare at the screen lmao sry still love ya and chek out my sigs i shouted it out

  7. LOL, it's just a history of my gaming life lol

  8. Nice Vendetta sig. Oh and sry for not reading your About Me Page but it looks pretty long and it makes my eyes hurt. :)

  9. Hey thanks it worked and I'll definatly put a thanks for you in there.

  10. Put your photo on photobucket.com and you will get a url