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  1. IM BORED, and still drunk

  2. IM BORED, and still drunk

  3. KSI Ender76

    Why does this happen to me!

    Girls I have been forced to Dump
  4. KSI Ender76


    cara the magnificent, had to dump her cause she was pushing marriage way to much
  5. KSI Ender76


    This girl just told me she like me, just before sho decides to go to tokyo until JUNE
  6. be online man, be online

  7. WUT UP with them Knee PADS!?! :D

  8. and if you don't know that's a no brained single celled organism that is insignificant in even a human body let alone the universe, go away

  9. your a paramecium brain, go away

  10. im obviously not gonna stop, go away

  11. screw your clan go away

  12. you really suck go away

  13. how about now? go away

  14. is this annoying you yet go away