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  1. Is Ragsypoo on his period because all I see is Red.

  2. You'll feel like that a lot with me around. But it will all work out in the end. :D

  3. Awww I sowee Jin jin.

    I will make it better later ;)

  4. Hi stalker! <3

    How have you been?

  5. Not much, trolling the forums.

  6. FS Is Back. Spread The Fire

  7. RaXx

    lol Get banned soon.

  8. F**k. Drink. Smoke. Do tell.

  9. I made my CreativeMovementApp.

  10. .Single

    1. Obey


      Rdy to mingle?

    2. Ragnaroks 7

      Ragnaroks 7

      How about I give you Jenny?

    3. RaXx


      Sure. lol


  11. I am trying to be as creepy as you are ;)

  12. Jen, sorry about the comment I made in the party, i<3you almost as much as I <3 me, and that's saying something :D

  13. Mmmm Cake, I wuv Cake, cake tastes as sexi as I look.

  14. AA Is for Quitters

  15. To all friends on This site[PleaseAddMyGT]