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    :LIKES:<br />-the rain-the beach-warm days-sushi-movies-men(just thought i would throw that one in)-old people-coke zero-showers-reading-coloring-animals-guns-video games-tattoos-piercings-make up-pin up girls-night time-long hair-the colors green, purple, and black-cooking-things that smell good-a made bed-people who know what they want when they want it-people who are more fun that serious-mac and cheese with marshmellows-my hair colored red-texting(cause im a text whore)-working with the old peeps!-my kitters Lucifer<br />:DISLIKES:<br />-people who drive under the speed limit when its not even raining-people who are way to loud-people who smell-people who pretend to be someone they are not to impress me, and lie to me to make them look better even though I can see through hem all the time.-when im cold-when people have food on there face-the public bus-emo wanna be's-....any wanna be-people who crawl on beds with shoes on-dirty kids<br />-being wet with normal clothes on-people who are to uptight-

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  1. *runs his tongue down her stomach.* Mmmmm..

  2. well i never got one. my sis might of ****ed with it. but its all good now :) you have not been on yahoo or anything so i thought you got mad at me or something. im sorry i was inda *****y :) will you please forgive me

  3. I'm wondering the same for you. I left requests up to rejoin your friends list on XBL but they weren't accepted. Then again, I might've caught you at a bad time. Any which way, I didn't intentionally erase ANYONE from my msn or XBL.