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  1. Looks like you plan fell through!! Seems like your lies caught up with you and bit you in your little ***!!!

  2. i beleive those points are mine mister lol. seriosly i want my points

  3. yo i appoligize if i offended you. just took things the wrong way. just what did the government do to you. just curious?

  4. if you need a sig or anything you let me know and ill help you

  5. wats up virus member me KSI ScoutSniper?? i made the avatar from blue to red for you.

  6. and this is [email protected] the HVF guy who is going to be div leader of TO

  7. you think you can hook me up with 10,000 points so i can change my display name. im a division leader and want to change my name to KSI Sniper 7