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  1. KSI Dirty 7 took the Xiled and made his own community and KSI GoKu 7 took LS and made his own thing, too.

  2. I heard ALL of LS and ALL of Team Xiled left KSI? wtf happened"? Ive been in the hospital for like 5 months so i have no idea what going on

  3. SOrry, Ive, been in the hospital for the pas few months, what am i supposed to be guessing?


  5. haha then stop missing them you douuche.

  6. Yo sick, I might come back to H2, Im not sure yet.

  7. LOLOLOOLOLLOLOLOL your bff with ManualMist? LAWLAWLAWLAWLAWHAHAHAAHAH thats cool, I knew him in Halo 2, I might go back there. I met Him when I was a Head Hunter in Outlaw

  8. lol yea, Im in the " Workshop". and I keep missing mettings so I have to stay longer lolz

  9. The opportunity never came up I guess.

  10. LOL...yes I am and nice to meet you too. :-) I'll see ya around.

  11. Yeah it's me.

    Hidding like a drone, Lol.

  12. haha i tried to get you in, but appaently your not even in LS anymore.