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  1. I knew you <3 me spider

  2. I knew u <3 ME Spider

  3. Hey why doesnt any hall of fame member get a break?

  4. Hey why doesnt any hall of fame member get a break.

  5. C u in a couple of months after being BL

  6. I really need to find my other 6 or 7 profiles

  7. Thank u KSI for everything

  8. Roker why didn't you like my spam on the shoutout box it was 4 a good reason and I do know they rules I've was here 4 a long time I guess it did what I wanted I wanted there attention and I got yours so I probably got ever1 else attention so how did u like my rant on they about me on my profile

  9. I know u don't use this profile or anything or no 1 will most likely c this answer 2 ur question at the top of the page i felt betrayed think if u build a division from the ground up 2 i think was like 400 and something you would like to be 2nd command or at least given more respect.