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  1. Yeah it's me.

    Hidding like a drone, Lol.

  2. LOLOLOLOL is dat you Yondaime mayne! sup baby

  3. Word of Advice,Never get the Turtle Beach X1's, My mic on mine just broke,And I havent even had it for a month yet. -_-

    Hopefully I can get Astro A40's next month for my birthday.

  4. Hey,My friends wanted me to join there party,Cause they wanted to play match making <<''

  5. oooh yeah. waita leave me and riiott, :P

  6. I think,Cause Opirus had me stop getting members in Kamikaze,And had me put them In Encore.

  7. lol i never recruitt :x

    kami is fulll isnt it?

  8. Ehh,Just getting recruits.

    Im now a LT in Kamikaze,I feel Special,Lol.

  9. You as a Gaara fan.

    Wow,I got a feeling Imma fit in great in Kamikaze/LS.