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  1. I have a Hamer Velocity 2 bass but I rarely play it. On all of the bass recordings on our myspace (save for Faces of London and Shadowzone) are my playing. I don't do any singing except for background vocals on some of the recordings and I refuse to have a mic live. Other than the band I have my own project going on that I'm still writing material for and putting it on my myspace as ...

  2. Np Man. BTW do u play anything else? or sing?

  3. Well thank you. I do the best I can.

  4. yeah. i actually heard you play on myspace, your good.

  5. EMG's are good for distortion and overdrive and sometimes clean but they break up the amp quickly so low gain stuff is hard sometimes. All the ZW set really is, is an EMG81 with an 85 in the neck. Just his favorite combination.

  6. Wow My Friend Has The Zakk Wylde Set, it ridiculous

  7. My Epiphone Les Paul? Priceless.

    But if you were to get one it'd $429 for the guitar, $185 for the EMG Zakk Wylde set (81/85) pickups. Setup and pickup installation, depends on the tech but I'd look upward of $100 or more.

  8. i have the same foot switch. i mostly play drums. i have a pearl forum A Series

    pitch black cymbals

    4 hightoms

    2 low

    3 crash symbols

    2 bass's

    2 high hat

    1 ride

    and 1 sub ride.

    How Much Is Your Epiphone with you pickups? because i know epiphone les pauls are in a variety of pirces.

  9. Guitars:

    Epi Les Paul - EMG 81/85 pickups

    Schecter Hellraiser C1-FR (EMG 81/85 pickups


    Orange Rockerverb 50 amp


    Crate 4x12 cab (Celestion Vintage 30 speakers)






    Boss TU-2 Tuner

    Boss DD-20 Digital Delay

    Boss FS-5L foot switch

  10. Sweeetnesss


    U dont have to do it tomorow if your that bussy =] when ever is fine ill be patient


  11. Hey Spider, What Guitar Do You Usually Play With. The Les Paul In The Picture Or Do You Have Others?

  12. im gunna try and get your sig done tomorrow, i hope. i have football and hockey like all day so if im not to exhausted ill hook u up.

  13. Wow, Your sig is the shiit!

  14. i hope mick vick gets signed

  15. i hope mick vick gets signed