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  1. Happy podcast was uploaded! 

  2. Meetings are soooo fun

  3. What is going on here?!

  4. Thanks to Anatomy and Seejay I have a user support award

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    2. SeeJay


      ^ I'm being held hostage from this guy. Send help

    3. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      *covers SeeJays mouth*


      No, no, dont tell the nice people how we are lol

    4. Nex Addo

      Nex Addo

      -picks up phone-

  5. TWITCH UPDATE: Starting January 31st the Twitch team will have a schedule in which when you tune in at a certain time you will see someone streaming! *ALL TIMES HERE ARE EASTERN Sundays 3pm - 10pm Monday 11am to 9pm Tuesday 7p - 10p Friday Noon to Midnight Saturday 9am to 12am

    1. Game 7

      Game 7

      This is where I find out you got this done you ugly toe

    2. Nex Addo

      Nex Addo

      Umm **** its been all over

  6. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: 24 Hour Stream Done! Congrats to KSI Anatomy and KSI Nex Addo for completing the challenge that they set out for even with the hiccups! (Article Soon)

    1. PFC Link
    2. KSI_HulkHogan_7


      Congrats fellas. I bet tons of energy drinks played a big roll into your live stream, lmao. Cheers.

  7. ClanOPS and WebOPS work together we are not one or the other, you can be in both

  8. Who did I piss off now? The Team? I'll go hide

  9. I hink I pissed off the team

  10. When you fail and think you can change Anatomy name to "Nex's BAE"

  11. What could make the KSI Podcast any better? Having KSI's two most colorful members ranting about who knows what ;) Make sure to check out the KSI Podcast this upcoming Monday morning to listen to the epicness of the minds of KSI Nex Addo and myself, in our all new KSI Podcast mini series, unofficially name, Out of the Closet: Late Nights with Nex and Anatomy >:D Its going to be great :P

  12. Figuring what I am doing with KSI Podcast

  13. #EverydayHeroes I shared my story on the homepage @KSI_GGN

  14. On vacation; seek out Anatomy if you need anything from News Team

  15. On vacation; seek out Anatomy if you need anything from News Team

  16. On vacation; seek out Anatomy if you need anything from News Team