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  1. iTz Repear


    Good job at posting nasty pics on the internet.
  2. Pat was KSI Technosis or whatever. Cant remember his XvG name.

  3. ...Pat?

    That must've been the second go-round of XvG.

  4. XvG Anti Emo and XvG Legitz R Us or somethin like that. I was there for the start of XvG with pat and jas.

  5. iTz Repear


    **** that *****.
  6. Im amazing thats who I am. KSI Anti Emo 7 was my tag. laid low for most of my time in KSI besides when I ran SO with Ta2 and Daemon.

  7. iTz Repear


    Boo fat chics.
  8. You still haven't told me who you are.

  9. No need to freak out. Your 11 with a nickname of "My Little Tiger". Its cool. Not everyone is as cool as you.