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  1. KSI Alterboy 7

    Friends from back home!

    what is this a stunt riding crew? if so post that **** up!
  2. KSI Alterboy 7


  3. no meeting last night? and you dont answer ur phone? or call back at all? that is straight ignant man. blowing off things that i reminded u of earlier..................

  4. KSI Alterboy 7

    KSI Alterboy's Painted Controllers

    Pictures of the controllers I have painted
  5. KSI Alterboy 7


    just wondering why u uploaded a bunch of googled weapons?
  6. yo u have been doing great with the sig work and Rambit u too im not happy with the GFX team

  7. Sweet a$$ colors on the controller ... good job

  8. hope ur heads feel better

  9. hey hows it goin if u dont have a squad or division yet we would be happy to take you add em on xbl: KSI Alterboy

  10. talk to ak about anything happening in SR and as FL is it fuzzy?

  11. VGK and BYOB are attempting to take over SR HELP stop this matter