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  1. oh man! Cali born Mexican is going sledding..... lets see how this plays out

  2. oh man! Cali born Mexican is going sledding..... lets see how this plays out

  3. Hey sweetheart... I miss you.. You're my mexican firecracker. I'm gonna spam your page with how much i love you :)

    <3 Steph :wub:

  4. yo Chris! i like your display picture! i especially love your shirt! do they make it in mens?

  5. Hey sweetheart... I miss you... Love u

  6. happy thanksgiving my love... Muah... Wish I could be there with you...

  7. Hi babe... im soo bored and sleepy.. its crazy... i was fine until I got it here... im just tired... miss u baby!!! Luv u

  8. hey Babe! your at work and mi fricken bored! just wanted to tell you that i love you! oh and by the way im talking to AK

  9. Congrats on making Founder!!! You are way over due and you deserve it sweetheart... Love you... xoxo NUMBERS!!!

  10. hahahaha naw we didnt get into any trouble yet... but if we do what U wanna do Now.. we would lol hahaha... u know what i mean

  11. depends on who and what you are talking about! YOUR family for instance hmmmmmm plenty already! and KSI i dont think any trouble at all lol!

  12. Hey hubby... I miss u!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hi and that I love u!!! lol te quiero mas del mundo!!! Con todo mi corazon... signing out ur future baby momma lol I wonder how much trouble we can get ourselves into lol