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    My Band and bass guitar. SNES, NES, Wicca, Tarot, Vampires, KSI, My kids, Books and video games, Music, Nature, divination, the tv series ANGEL.

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  1. KSI xVendetta


  2. KSI xVendetta

    My Gfx Sigs

  3. KSI xVendetta


    LOL no its not ifrohawk... i made it for him... silly lol
  4. Hello do you still make sigs ?

  5. lol I'm leaving a comment cause I clicked on your name...thought you were an old friend but your a young lady so my bad wrong person...see ya. ;-)

  6. how do i pay u the 30 pointz?

  7. I Needz A Super 1337 Picture Thing :D

    i'm so kewwww

  8. haha.. its all good no worries... but thanks again

  9. damn it. I will have to try and fix that tomorrow

  10. Hey Vendetta.. thanks for the signature you did for Psycho.. but you spelled my name wrong... Its KSI Lady Psycho.. not Pyscho lol

  11. why are you spying on me? dork