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  1. Nice reference in your profile there. :)

    1. Pvt Dancer

      Pvt Dancer

      I thought you'd like it 

    2. KSI ElDIABLOx7

      KSI ElDIABLOx7

      Hey what up fellas?


  2. Nice reference in your profile there. :)

  3. Rupert Murdoch says he is touched by the messages of support left on Amy Winehouse's phone

  4. Cole world real Cole world

  5. Wow i got banned for sticking up for someone lol

    1. Gaia
    2. KSI Vanished 7
    3. KSI TEX 7

      KSI TEX 7

      You got banned for calling people names and continuing an argument once I told everyone to stop. You know I love you Dean, but what's up? :(

  6. Congrats on Red Sexy and Happy Bday