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  1. Having a lot of nostalgia right now...Whats up!!

  2. Having a lot of nostalgia right now...Whats up!!

  3. Domo

    the real firefox.jpg

    Is that a Pokemon?
  4. Man I'm gonna have like 55 replies to my post by the time it's closed up...but anyway thanks for the thoughts.

  5. just passing by and showing some love.. :-) See you around.

  6. Thats Fine...

    Im oky I wish I coul play with KSI and my division lol

    Just be happy you can pl,ay with them haha


  7. Whoa sorry for the late response lol, well its all good, got removed from all the squad tags in my division for no reason at all and got demoted from Co-Div to Sgt so yeah its all good, and I just transfered to another Div as General so yeah its all good no complaints over here ;)


  8. Since I'm here, I might as well leave a comment. Hi. :)

  9. Hello King.

    I didnt know this was you haha,

    Nothings up just gettin ready to go off to college tomorow.


    =/ MsPikaChu I'm just goingto change my gamer tag to Ms haha


    what up? with you?

  10. I didnt know you ere my friend on here.

    I'm confused.. But glad ^^



  11. MsPikachu!!!! whats up its King!!!

  12. lol Revalation owns you Kered

  13. king u know its true