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  1. Well Well, i had no idea you were still on here and im surprised im still on your xbox friends list ;) dont be a stranger and come say hi :)

    1. NAUGHTY 7XS


      Hi my silly friend...missed you and for sure I will say hello...add me to my KSI tag which is KSI MSs NAUGHTY...hit me up lol :)

      Happy New Year hun!!!

  2. Hey you...ya I hardly play anything now...mostly people see me on netflix and many message me to get off of it and get on a game which I don't lol...but don't know...plus I have moved to another city and I don't have my xbox with me yet...when I get internet in my new place I will bring it up there and see if we can catch up some day...hope your well take care bye for now.

  3. Are you comming back? I saw your posts on court. Its been a while, :) how have you been?

  4. I know I was hoping we could catch up. Its been forever. What do you play these days?

  5. noticed you sending me a FR on xbox..what's up it's been awhile...hope your well :)

  6. We do :) i just got back from laughlin so im ready

  7. We do :) i just got back from laughlin so im ready

  8. we gotta play call of duty together one day =P

  9. ya im just gonna wait for halo 4, mw3 and Skylar

  10. i had no money back then and didn't like the demo that much so i didn't buy it

  11. Maybe your phone likes me haha

  12. But you didn't get reach why not?

  13. Well you see I was trying to click something on the site and my phone kept taking me to your page

  14. lol I was in a halo 3 squad when i started out I have 2 halo 3 cds lol