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  1. CARS2 was pretty good. No heart tugging moments like the 1st one so more feel good than feel sad. 2 thumbs up!

    1. Game 7

      Game 7

      Yeah I heard it was good

    2. KSI iTzAUZZ13

      KSI iTzAUZZ13

      sup bro how u been?

  2. Big Team Battle on REACH Forge World last nite ahaha man i miss in game vehicles. Halo = Good times

  3. Won a 1v1 against Solid on Firing range by 1 kill. Solid faded me on nuketown though 6-10. GG GGz!

    1. Genocide SP

      Genocide SP

      i beat Both iCoN x GHoST and KSI Cash Rebel on a 2v1 tonight by like 20+ kills :)


  4. Just recovered my KSI DEMI 7 tag haha! BTB Wrekin Crew ressurection!

    1. Apoc 7

      Apoc 7

      I saw you added me it gave me a smile, i've still got mine im totally going to recover it; funny thing is I have Rob's Demi 1 tag too.

  5. 10 Posts i think Napalm

  6. Wondering when the server donation meter updates itself?

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    2. KSI ADIDAS 7

      KSI ADIDAS 7

      I made a donation and it has yet to update so ya...

    3. Gaia


      Maybe JT has to manually do it then. . .

    4. KSI Legacy 7

      KSI Legacy 7

      i am makeing one myself so an ill let jt know you did to adidas if he doesnt not yet already know

  7. Org Charts have been updated to fix typo --> http://bit.ly/fAlfGH

  8. Im good. hit me up on MSN chat when u can. I heard about whats been goin down

  9. It means how are you in vietnamese duh : P

  10. Shiva! Hey i saw ur comment left on my profile back in June 2007 hehe. The stuff in my bkgrnd is a Server Room Patch Panel. All those cables connect PCs to Hubs to Servers. Phone connections are also part of that panel. Ttyl hope all is well, ADIDAS

  11. co pho khong?? Yeeee! Blackanese right hurr homie! VP! VP!