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  1. you stop by my page and no say hello

  2. Hey its Cassie (UrPetPikachu) =]

  3. is chillaxin with my love

  4. is chillaxin with my love

  5. Leanna

    Go georgia bulldogs

    Georgia Rules!
  6. Leanna

    Me and my hubby

  7. Hey girly txt me i need to talk to you kk?

    hope everythings oky =]

  8. lol yup thats me lets play again lol

  9. OH! =D your the one i was playing with right? haha and we were on like a bad loing streek

  10. Hey what you up to =]

    Im not doing much just trying to li in college my roomate isreall prssy and a beech =/ so is not working out...