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  1. Rockstar

    My uniform.

    Can i ask what this uniforms for?
  2. hurhurhur fame says he'll put a license up on his nulled board. bs bro.

  3. Can i get changed back to member now? or media team? Check my case to see that i got unbanned

    1. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      I heard that you can appeal for the DNH, but you should be back on the members list.


  4. Anyone think vice is having fun with the BoD page?

  5. So apperently CoD is still using the same engine as CoD 4 uses.

    1. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      ID Tech Engine?, yes it is.

    2. KSI ShodowKillz1

      KSI ShodowKillz1

      are you sure?? it feels different than cod 4 engine they all do...


    3. Rockstar


      yea Activision is milking CoD that bad.

  6. Someone wanna be nice and buy me Minecraft?

    1. KSI Ace 7

      KSI Ace 7

      Shoulda bought when it was alpha! Missed out fool!

    2. Rockstar


      Alpha was free?

    3. KSI Monotooi
  7. thunder your 15 too numb nuts

  8. your only 15 your shouldn't been allowed in KSI.. 17 an older.

  9. Rockstar

    Me being a giant monster on stage!

    were you drunk?
  10. look at united's clan.net

  11. Rockstar


    An album dedicated to failures.