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  1. Kinda interesting to be in the other ksi where only a handful of people know me. But I miss the original place, the place where i was trained. Everything seems backwards here. But oh well guess ill try it for a little longer

  2. There is pain inside my brain But I must fight it Or become insane Now you are the evil I must restrain

  3. The Sims 4 coming out t-minus 27 minutes. Add evl1312 on origin if ya want

  4. I can see clearly as though the darkness never haunted me I walk among souls unkept And I can lead without regret

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    2. Gᵒᵏᶸ


      Singing never works when you type it. I don't know why.

    3. KSI Wolfy 7

      KSI Wolfy 7

      me too... -_-'

      Great minds think alike I guess..

    4. KSI xDr Evilx 7

      KSI xDr Evilx 7

      Ummm ok then haha. I wasn't thinking of that song when I wrote it

  5. People seriously piss me off. Can't even say the truth of a matter.

  6. kids telling me people are mad at us...cool story! I really hate stupid people

  7. at work in the office on the forums, WORD!

  8. Well i'll be on here very little or not at all. Peace.

  9. Sick like a dog, taking off work tomorrow. BLAHHHHHH

  10. Back! But got work tomorrow. Should be on after work

  11. Back! But got work tomorrow. Should be on after work